Property Description

  • Well located outside secure storage units with each unit being 50’ x 100’. More than one unit can be leased. Close to downtown and easy access to all areas of the city


  • ( IL ) Industrial Light

Property Details

  • 15 – 5,000 sq ft. compound bays (100’ deep x 50’ wide)
  • $800.00 per month per unit
  • 20’ wide gate per each unit
  • Each compounded will have a 15 amp GFI power to plug into
  • 2 security cameras – one at the gate and one for the entire site
  • Lighted compound
  • Main automatic entry gate off 9th Ave will have a keypad to enter and leave

DOWNLOAD THE FULL BROCHURE HERE:  815-Dewdney-Ave_Storage-Compounds_LEASE_04-08-21.pdf