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Property Management

CWR-IPM provides comprehensive property management services to corporate, institutional and private real estate investors. We protect and improve value by maximizing occupancy, minimizing operating costs, reducing environmental impacts and enhancing the tenant experience.

We have the knowledge, ability and expertise to manage all types of real estate, from Class A office to industrial warehouse. We leverage the Cushman & Wakefield iconic brand and 100+ years experience operating 400 offices worldwide, to provide unmatched real estate expertise and market intelligence which empowers local CWR – Integrated Property Management professionals to be their best.

Our diverse platform, consisting of Commercial Property Management, Leasing and Real Estate Advisory Services delivers a fully integrated approach to property management. We individually tailor our services to each clients’ goals and the unique needs of every property we manage while remaining focussed our client’s best interests and maximizing the economic returns of their investment.

Put simply, we develop powerful real estate solutions which provide piece of mind, maximize investment value and prepare our clients for what’s next.

Comprehensive Property Management Services

We offer clients a full-service property management solution for any size commercial property which includes accounting and administrative functions, facility maintenance & operations and tenant services.

Administration and Accounting

From processing basic day-to-day financial transactions to complex accounting and reporting needs, our property administrators & accountants deliver financial information that is both accurate and timely to comply with IFRS accounting standards.

CWR-IPM uses a variety of financial management systems, including Argus, to accommodate our clients’ unique reporting needs. Our institutional investor level reporting quality ensures that financial reports are comprehensive, precise and detailed to enable any size client to make sound business decisions.

Facility Operations

CWR-IPM professionals pride themselves on their ability to diligently manage the operational elements of any size facility.  We deliver a risk-based approach focused on minimizing the financial, legal, insurable and HSE risks that are an ever-present concern in commercial real estate. By minimizing risk, we maximize economic returns and create NOI generating value every step of the way. By effectively implementing industry best practices and proactively seeking opportunities to improve operations, minimize expenses and extend equipment life, we ensure our clients are providing safe, comfortable, productive and cost-effective working environments to their tenants.

Our highly engaged approach to building operations and maintenance minimizes operating costs, improves tenant satisfaction, extends building system life, improves equipment reliability, minimizes risk and enables faster response & restoration following emergencies.

Tenant Services

We recognize the impact that a successful tenant services program has on the bottom line of any commercial property. We believe that a hospitality approach to tenant services that delivers an exceptional customer service experience is critical to maximizing rents, minimizing vacancy and maintaining a high lease renewal rate. Our philosophy is that it doesn’t cost much to provide an exceptional tenant experience, but not doing so can cost a lot.

Leasing Services

We know the only thing better than a well managed property, is a fully leased well managed property. In order to reach this goal, we offer a range of leasing services to maximize rent potential, minimize vacancy loss and expose your property to the largest number of ideal potential tenants.

As a sister brokerage to Cushman & Wakefield Regina, CWR-IPM works in lock step with their leasing and sales professionals to provide a comprehensive approach to leasing. While leasing agents are actively working the market to fill vacancies, the property management team stands ready to project manage any landlord or tenant construction work.

When working with any brokerage on the leasing activities of our clients’ property, we approach every transaction with our clients’ best interests in mind and are engaged in the process from offer to move-in.

Real Estate Advisory Services

In addition to providing exceptional traditional property management services, CWR-IPM offers numerous Real Estate Advisory Services to our clients that maximize ROI, minimize Risk and prepare their asset for the future.

Value Creation

The ultimate goal of commercial real estate is to maximize the hold period economic returns of the investment. We help our clients achieve this by offering specialized services targeted to get the most out of their real estate holdings and leverage existing assets to grow portfolio size and value.

  • Hold Period Economic AnalysisWe offer a range of financial modeling services that provide a full analysis of the risk and returns of any real estate investment.
  •  GLA Maximization Strategies: As a commercial building owner, leasable area is your inventory. We offer solutions covering BOMA measurement interpretation, building area measurement and architectural space planning which will maximize the GLA of any building.
  • Financing Strategies: Taking advantage of debt market opportunities and unlocking equity is an essential way to get the most out of any real estate portfolio. Leveraging the knowledge and experience of our brokerage and partnerships in the finance industry, we can work with any size client to develop a financing strategy that helps them get reach their investment goals.
  • Property Value Appraisals: Working with local appraisal experts, we provide a range of appraisal services that provide our clients with a detailed and accurate reflection of the market value of any real estate asset.

Property Tax & Insurance

  •  Property Tax Appeals: Understanding tax assessments and the municipal taxation model is challenging and time consuming for commercial property owners. We provide tax advisory services working closely with tax appeal specialists to ensure that our clients’ properties are accurately assessed, and errors are successfully appealed.
  • Insurance Appraisals & Risk Analysis: We protect our clients buy providing insurance & risk advisory services that go beyond securing typical property insurance and administering claims that fall under our property management mandate. We work closely with insurance appraisal and site risk experts to make sure all physical risks are identified, and the right coverage is in place.

Green Building Services

We apply our substantial experience in green building management to transform any asset into a sustainability leader.  From pursuing government grants to capital planning and major project execution, we make it easy for our clients to green their portfolio while increasing the value of their assets, reducing climate change based risk and improving the quality of life for tenants.

  • Sustainability Strategic Planning: Driven by our client’s goals for their asset, we take a wholistic approach when developing sustainable energy, water and waste solutions for commercial properties.
  • Resiliency Strategic Planning: We prepare our clients for the challenges of the future by offering resiliency-based planning services that consider the unique challenges every asset faces related to utility service interruption and severe weather.
  • Government and 3rd Party Funding: The Federal, Provincial and Municipal governments and other alternative funding sources for sustainable investment are coming into and out of the market all the time.  We maintain industry connections with all levels of government, crown corporations and green venture capitalists to ensure our clients are exposed to a multitude of debt free and low interest capital sources they can use to reinvest into their real estate portfolio.
  • Building Retrofits: We work with the provinces premiere architectural, engineering and building systems professionals to develop the best value solutions for our clients when it comes time to reinvigorate aging buildings. We merge our project management excellence with our green building knowledge to expertly deliver any size building wide retrofits.
  • Green Building Certifications: We offer expert service in this category by maintaining active memberships in the Canadian Green Building Council (LEED) and the Building Owner and Managers Association (BOMA BEST). CWR-IPM’s management professionals have expertise certifying existing properties and building new to achieve a desired certification level.
  • Energy Management Services: You can’t improve what you can’t measure. We work with industry experts to bring leading technology and expertise to any size property or system.
  • Tenant Engagement: While sustainable buildings operate efficiently, they are also home to informed and engaged tenants. We can develop a tenant sustainability engagement program to meet any tenant demand, certification requirement or client goal.
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